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humanAIzed is a team of skilled professionals. We have full stack software developers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, designers and domain knowledge experts on our team in Zurich. Together, we work on promising business ideas and develop Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) in the AI domain which we then test with a lead customer. In case such an idea proves to be a scalable business, we spin out a self-sufficient company with a dedicated team running the business.

Besides a competitive salary, we also offer our team members the opportunity to participate at each company that we spin out, depending on your involvement in the overall MVP development process and your contribution to the respective carve out. We therefore offer a unique setup since you are able to become an entrepreneur with a stake in one or more business ideas without taking the risk of not having a regular income at hand.

Absolutely! We even encourage people with interesting ideas in the field of AI to talk to us as early in their ideation stage as possible. In case there is a fit and we see a scalable business case, we will organize and finance the development team as well as domain knowledge experts and a leading customer out of our network. As the idea owner, you will also stay in the driving seat with a substantial equity stake.

We always encourage skillful people to apply at any time. We are constantly looking out for machine learning engineers, data scientists, full stack software developers, frontend developers, UX designers, project managers, or business analysts. Get in touch with us under and we will happily meet you for a coffee or lunch!

Our core team is based in Zurich, Switzerland, in the heart of the city. We are not a company that follows a strict "9 to 5 policy", but we rather want to get stuff done. How and where you want to contribute to our adventure is completely up to you, we offer flexible plans with respect to working hours as well as salary.

Tell us about your idea!

Do you have an idea in mind that you always wanted to try out and show to the world? Are you convinced that you know what the next big digital solution or application will be, but you are currently lacking the team to execute it or the financial resources to build it? Let us know and we get in touch with you!


Recent News

We actively promote our ideas and services at public events and conferences.

AMLD 2020
Jan. 25-29, 2020

Applied Machine Learning Days @ EPFL Lausanne

We have been invited to present our latest work in the "AI & Education" track. You can also meet us for a coffee at our booth!

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Riley AI Conference
October 14-17, 2019

The Riley AI Conference in London!

Drop us a message if you want to talk about the latest opportunities in the AI domain at the Riley AI Conference!

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AI Dev World San Jose
October 8-10, 2019

AI Dev World San Jose 2019

Interested to discuss the latest success AI stories at this year's AI Dev World San Jose? Send us a message!

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